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It's no secret that 3d printing is pretty darn cool... and I want a printer. Like.. now. But getting one with only one model to print is stupid - so I'm going to make TWENTY. No idea what. Or how to find the time.. but TWENTY. And then 3d print madness.
Dynamic Party Duo by Nadesican
Dynamic Party Duo
I've been squirreling my time away, 2-4 hours a day, to learn me some ZBrush! This is the first result, and certainly not the last.  I learned a ton making this - mostly that ZBrush is very complicated and I am a noob. THIS SHALL CHANGE (The noob part. I'm pretty sure ZBrush has rocket launch controls hidden in it somewhere.)

So a quick story on this one: I was hoping to make it a 3d model.. and then Shapeways pulled their 'SuperFanArt' program. It was upsetting, BUT SHE DEMANDED I FINISH HER. Also Gummy. In unrelated news, I may or may not need to get more sleep >.>
ABannerOrSomething by Nadesican
Sooooooo.. did I mention I'm making a video game? That and graduating in a week. AAAAAART!

Btw: Devblog is up at
RaptorexDemo by Nadesican
Hey all! Forever ago I said I started on a game project, but I was only ever able to show concept art or flat images... that was because the large majority of stuff I've done so far has been animation! I figured out how to upload this stuff just recently, and while I don't want to give TOO much away, here's a walk-cycle for one of the sprites in the game I'm working on: Tiny Tactics! (Sorry about the audio. Forgot the darn thing was recording it!)
RGDpaintingF by Nadesican
Huh.. I could have sworn I uploaded this forever ago. My bad O__o Anywho: This is a study I did from reddit's subreddit: redditgetsdrawn, where people submit photos for people to draw/paint! It was pretty fun to do, I recommend checking it out if you have time. As always: Painted in Photoshop!
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So it's been a while, here's a bit of an update: I'm in an apartment right now with my brother, and we're both working on our last year. I actually got my game approved for an undergraduate research grant, and I've been working hard on it for quite a while now (Mostly animation though, so I don't have a ton to show that would be very interesting. The good stuff is coming though!) The game is set for release in May(ish), which means I really gotta knuckle down and make this happen.

I spent the last month working full time overnight and juggling classes which was... exhausting. I'll be working a lot less now that the Christmas season is over, so I'll definitely make some real progress. I actually stream the work on from time to time under the handle shut_i_ .

Keeping up my posts here on DA has always been difficult for me, and now is no different..I honestly don't know what to do about that, but I hope you guys will stick around.. and maybe try my game out when we get it launched!


Stealing your bacon!
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